About Blurty

Our Mission

The current political climate is one where many people feel that they have no voice, our designs are a call to action, a way to make our voices heard.
We are designers. Design and politics are our passion and we try to combine these passions to help other people make their voices heard.
We understand that not everybody has the skills or equipment to create graphics to get their point across so we are here to do that for you.
If you have an idea, words or images that you would like us to create so that you can use it on social media or to promote your cause then drop us a line at ideas@blurty.co.uk and we will create it for you.
You might even find we have already created it in the freebies section of our website. Feel free to browse and download any of the images there, they are all free to use.

Our Inspiration

We bring fresh inspiration to clothing and accessories helping you find your own unique voice to inspire the change that we all need.

Our Passion

We work hard to fight for what we believe is right. In the current climate it would be easy for us all to think that there is no point fighting, that it is s done deal and we are powerless. We are not!

We need to make sure that we keep up the fight, make sure that our voices are heard, never stay silent. What better way of doing this than wearing your opinion, let people see your message, wear it on your chest!

There are many people who are out on the streets  each day working hard to convey our message – we admire them and their work.

At the same time we understand that not all of us can do that so we all need to do what we can in our own way to help the cause. We all have different talents and strengths and if we all come together to do what we each individually can we will be stronger and more powerful together!

This website is our way of doing that.

Any profit we make is put back into promoting this website.

Speak up. Be heard.

We make the T-shirt.

You make it count.

Need to get your point accross?

Get dressed for the occasion.

Got something to say?

Say it with your chest!